Server Hosting

Here at RustyGaming UK we offer a variety of game servers for people to purchase. All our servers are fully customizable. 
Is the server you bought currently crunching your wallet? No problem, we allow our customers to change their server as many times as they like for free. Check out our server list below to learn what servers we offer.

Garry's Mod

£0.35 / Per Slot
  • Command Line Manager
  • Mod Manager
  • Steam WorkShop Collection
  • Steam WorkShop Browser


£0.35 / Per Slot
  • Command Line Manager
  • Oxide Insallation
  • Configurable Map Size
  • Scheduled tasks


£0.22 / Per Slot
  • Command Line Manager
  • Steam Updates
  • Scheduled tasks


£0.30 / Per Slot
  • BuKGet Mod Manager
  • Command Line Acess
  • Bukkit + Spigot

Arma 3

£0.55 / Per Slot
  • Command Line Manager
  • Steam Workshop Collection
  • Bukkit + Spigot
  • Scheduled Tasks


£0.40 / Per Slot
  • ESX installation
  • Free database

Server Hardware

Our Game servers use 2 X Intel Xeon X5675 3.07GHz

32GB DDR3 Memory

4 X 2TB Drives running as RAID 10 with an additional 3TB drive added on.

Backup UPS in case of a power failure

All Game Servers use the industry standard TCADMIN Control Panel.

Game Panel Features

  • Full FTP Access

    Upload, download and edit files to your server with ease.

  • Instant Setup

    Your server is setup the second after you have purchased your server.

  • Free Subdomain

    Get a free sub-domain with your server. Just select the addon when you have purchased your server.

  • Mods

    Install mods with just one click using our mod-manager. Install steam-workshop items at the push of a button.

Can I change my slots later on?

Absolutely. You can upgrade/downgrade the player slots/addons at any time. No files are lost during this change.

I’ve never had a server before, what if I get stuck?

Our staff team is fully prepared to help you on the road to getting your server setup. We have 24/7 support and a knowledge base that is always being worked on.